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Construction is an industry where no two projects are the same. It is also an accident-prone sector involving high-risk factors for construction companies.

Find out which insurance policies can protect you.

Construction is an industry with significant risks that can prove costly to your business. Find out which insurance policies can protect you.

Construction all risk

The risks on construction sites are significant for a contractor. That is why you want to be well-insured against possible damages. The Construction All-Risk insurance (CAR) is designed to protect your project during construction. With CAR, you are insured for damage to construction work, plans, bad weather damage, theft and any construction materials. On top of that, everyone involved in the construction project is also co-insured against any potential damage they may cause. However, be aware that only some aspects of your project are included within the scope of this policy. You can choose from several additional modules to protect you against additional risks. Contact our team to discuss which additional modules are available and which are favourable to your company or project.

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