Offshore & Energy

We help energy companies manage energy exploration and production risks, whether onshore, offshore or within the renewable energy sector.

Are you protected against all energy exploration, production and distribution risks?

Energy is a daily necessity for living and has contributed significantly to our world’s social development and economic growth. Nevertheless, one of the world’s biggest challenges today is securing clean, sustainable and adequate energy for all. As a result, the energy demand is increasing around the globe.

That is why our team at FDR is here to help our partners protect their businesses from the risks associated with the exploration, production and distribution of (renewable) energy.

We do not offer a standard cover for our energy partners, as each company knows their specific requirements. For this reason, we customise our offer based on your individual needs.

As an insurance intermediary, FDR assists in developing and implementing an appropriate risk management strategy to help protect our energy sector partners.

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