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Transforming your cargo transport and logistics into a seamless, worry-free operation requires the right protection. FDR insurance for cargo and logistics, where every shipment is shielded from potential risks. Whether it’s safeguarding against damages, losses, or spoilage, our tailored insurance solutions ensure your peace of mind throughout the journey.

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We are your trustworthy cargo insurance partner

We named our company ‘FDR’ for a good reason. Our company name reflects the values we think highly of. Financial stability, Due diligence and Risk management is what we provide to every client, and we go beyond and above to compose the insurance that suits your business activities as no other.

Since we started in 2022 we have welcomed nothing less then passionate people in our FDR family, and together we have over 150+ years of experience in the marine insurance. Each and every day we make sure that every of your transportations will be fully covered when one of the risks may arise.

We understand that you want to have:

  1. stability regarding your insurance;
  2. trust that your company can withstand a rising risk;
  3. and that your concerns are seen as valid and are taken seriously.

And that’s exactly why we started our business. FDR and your business are a company. But we are all human and we will never forget that.

Become part of a family company

When you decide your company and your cargo risks deserves the best insurance, we gladly welcome you into our family. Many companies preceded you and we are beyond proud and grateful for that. With FDR you choose to be a part of a Dutch company with a world wide network and many ambitions. That is why we provide our services in The Netherlands and beyond.

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Tailor-made (cargo) marine insurance

You can mitigate the financial impact to your company through adequate insurance such as, but not limited to:

  • Cargo Insurance: covers the loss or damage of goods (cargo) during transit/storage;
  • Hull and Machinery Insurance: cover physical damage to the ship, including machinery and fuel;
  • P&I cover: protects the insured from third -arty liabilities that arise during the ship’s operation;
  • Marine (cargo) Liability Insurance: covers a shipowner’s / cargo owner’s liability incurred for damages caused by their vessel / cargo to third parties;
  • Freight Insurance: covers the loss of freight or the cost to ship goods when goods are lost or the voyage cannot be completed;
  • Marine war, Strikes, civil unrest, piracy and associated perils Insurance: covers losses caused by warlike activities, civil unrest, piracy and labor strikes affecting vessels and cargo.

Based on above information (risk factors) we can offer risk management and insurance solutions. We understand the complex challenges your business may face and are able to provide customized solutions that address your specific needs be it speed or complexity or both.

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