Charterer's liability

Owner and cargo are insured, so why does the charterer’s liability matter?

In the maritime industry, the complexities of insurance and liability can be as deep as the oceans themselves. It is easy to assume that when the owner of the ship and the cargo it carries are insured, there’s no need for additional coverage like a charterer’s liability. 

After all, isn’t comprehensive coverage enough to weather any storm that might arise? Well, hold on to your life vests, because it is time for myth busting!

The Myth: “Owner and cargo insurance makes charterer’s liability irrelevant”

Picture this scenario: the shipowner has an insurance policy that covers the vessel, its materials, and any potential liabilities. Similarly, the cargo on board is protected against loss or damage by a comprehensive insurance plan. 

The charterer, who hires the ship for transporting goods, might think they are in the clear. After all, what could possibly go wrong? But here is where the missing puzzle piece comes into play.

The false sense of charterer’s coverage

One misperception that often arises is the assumption that the charterer’s liability is redundant, because the owner and cargo are already insured. 

The truth is, while the owner’s insurance covers the ship itself and its inherent risks, it may not extend to cover your specific responsibilities as a charterer. The cargo insurance likewise primarily safeguards the cargo owners’ interests, leaving gaps in coverage for your unique liabilities.

Charterer’s liability is a crucial component

Consider the world of commodity trading, where ships are chartered to transport goods. The owner’s insurance covers the ship and its materials, and the cargo insurance protects the goods being transported – all seemingly comprehensive. However, this doesn’t cover your obligations and potential legal repercussions as the charterer.

While the shipowner and cargo might be shielded by their respective insurance policies, as a charterer, you are in a unique position. You are not the owner of the ship, yet you are responsible for its operation during the period of hire. 

This is where the concept of charterer’s liability steps in. Even if the ship is insured by the owner, and the cargo is safeguarded against risks, your role as a charterer is distinct and your potential exposure to liability remains.

Imagine not being covered and…

The ship sinks just before reaching the harbor. Worst-case scenario. Resulting in the loss of both ship and cargo. The port is now blocked, disrupting the flow of trade. The need for charterer’s liability becomes crystal clear when we think about the consequences.

Suddenly, the owner’s insurance on the ship and the cargo’s insurance seem insufficient. Who bears the responsibility for the disruption, the losses, and potential environmental impacts? This is where the true importance of a charterer’s liability surfaces.

The misperceptions of claim handling

Often, charterers might believe that their legal departments are equipped to handle any potential claims that arise. They might view charterer’s liability insurance as unnecessary, banking on their ability to manage claims through legal means. However, when faced with catastrophic scenarios involving substantial losses, legal prowess alone might not be enough.

Maritime claims can escalate to unprecedented levels. Even major corporations with deep pockets and larger legal departments, recognize the significance of charterer’s liability insurance. While smaller claims might be manageable, it is the potential for significant, game-changing claims that necessitates the protection of charterer’s liability insurance.

Bridge the gap between owner and cargo insurance  

And your unique position as a charterer. This is precisely why charterer’s liability insurance exists.

In an industry where lots of money and tons of goods are at stake, the complexities of ownership, responsibility, and liability come to the forefront. When disaster strikes, the lines between friend and foe blur, and all parties involved might scramble to pass the buck on potential damages. 

Affordably covered with charterer’s liability

Contrary to the misconception that charterer’s liability is an unnecessary expense, it is actually a relatively affordable insurance option. The rarity of damages, coupled with the relatively manageable size of most claims, makes charterer’s liability insurance a wise investment. Furthermore, any damages that do exceed coverage limits can often be shared among parties involved.

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